Mastering Rates

This pricing includes the main set of masters for CD, vinyl or download delivered either as a DDP file set (CD) or WAV files (vinyl, download). Additional formats are charged as per the info on the right..

Additional Charges

In addition to the standard mastering rates to the left sometimes there are additional requirements and charges for a job. These are outlined below.

Other Services

Generally charged at $95 per hour. I will always clean up a few small pops or unwanted noises as part of the general mastering rates, but any full track restoration or clean up is billed as a separate editing charge.

2 or more songs: $60 ea.

for songs under 10 minutes in length

Single song: $75

not part of album or EP

Long song: $8 per minute of audio

for songs over 10 minutes in length

Additional formats of same master: $5 per song

for projects with multiple release formats (ie: vinyl, cd, cassette, etc)

Physical CD-R master & backup copies: $25 + shipping

if you need a hard-copy backup for your archives

Re-submitting mixes

new mixes of songs after a job has already started will incur a new song charge

Digital watermarking of audio files (+ $10 per song)
DAT Transfers (@ $150 per hour of audio)
Cassette Transfers (@ $150 per hour of audio)
Audio Restoration (@ $95/hour labor fee)
Mixing (rates vary)
Compiling/Sequencing (@ $95/hour labor fee)