Taylor Deupree


Taylor Deupree is the founder of 12k, an independent record label based in the rural area north of New York CIty. Started in 1997, 12k has pioneered a form of experimental ambient music involving delicate hybrids of digital technology and acoustic instrumentation. In its 21 years of existence, 12k has released over 100 albums from an international roster of artists and has become one of the most respected small sound-art labels in the world for this captivating and minimalist niche of electronic music.

Taylor has been recording and producing electro-acoustic music for over 25 years and brings an intense passion and knowledge of the form to his work as a mastering engineer. While he specializes in avant-garde, ambient, and other forms of serious electronic composition, his discography since the early 90s has spanned the worlds of techno and hybrid genre-bending sounds and his mastering has included genres spanning from folk to indie rock, dub, modern classical and more.

Taylor has also spent over two decades as a commercial graphic designer and photographer and sees a very direct correlation between the visual cues of image production and audio mastering. Colors, frequencies, light, shadow and final production preparation parallel each other in the visual and sound worlds. He is very technically aware but artistically minded and brings this unique perspective to his abilities to work with details and manipulate subtleties often called for in mastering.